Words to Remember. 


This journey of starting a new career path from scratch is to say the least, challenging. 

I can't remember who had posted this quote by Elizabeth Gilbert recently, but whoever it was I am grateful (and grateful I jotted it down). I hope when times get tough and I am standing in front of the next challenge / task / step which will take me out of my comfort zone I hope I'll face the fear and nervousness with these words in mind.

"You didn't do all that work to get to the brink of the door just to turn around and leave." -Elizabeth Gilbert 

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    Madalena (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 06:48)

    It was me. :) I heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak at Click Away this year and this was the quote I took away and posted on my recap. LOVE! <3

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    Mary Goldau (Thursday, 13 November 2014 14:35)

    Ah, yes now I remember. Such a great quote!