Shiny Bug.


A pretty little bug we found in the Alps, walking around on our table. 


I used a 10+ macro filter for these two shots, so I could get up close and personal.


I really like the first one because of the light and his shadow (yes, I decided it is a "him"). The second I like that you can really see the variety of colors and the warmth of the wood.  


What do you think? 

F:8.0 | T:1/320 | ISO:100

F:8.0 | T:1/320 | ISO:100

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    Madalena (Sunday, 09 March 2014)

    I love them both! I prefer the second one, just because you can see all of his colors really well. Although, I think I would crop it so that he is in the lower left third. What do you think? Really cool shots!! :)

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    Mary Goldau (Monday, 10 March 2014 22:25)

    Thank you Madalena! Great point with the second shot. I tend to get so impatient with the editing process, I need to learn to think a bit more about it and take the time to play around with different ideas. Your idea with cropping is good - I think it would definitely make the picture more interesting. Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you've pointed this out! :)