What a Difference WB Can Make


The only thing I adjusted on these pictures was the white balance (WB); other than trimming the second picture there were not any edits done. 


Once again I am a bit stuck on which one I think is the better photograph. There are elements that I like about each of them. 


Which one do you think is more interesting and why? 

F:5.6 | T:1/20 | ISO:100

WB: Tungsten light (ca. 3200K)

F:5.6 | T:5.6 | ISO:100

WB: Cloudy (ca. 6000K)

F:5.6 | T:5.6 | ISO:100

WB: Cloudy (ca. 6000K)

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Comments: 2
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    Lex (Tuesday, 21 January 2014 07:12)

    First one, much more appealing colour with the blue tone, the others seem too plain or cold...

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    Mary Goldau (Tuesday, 21 January 2014 23:36)

    Thank you Lex - I really appreciate your feedback!