Went out for an evening shoot. Decided not to bring my tripod with me into the city, and regret it. 


I have an extrenal flash as well as a built in, but prefer not to use them. Instead adjusting exposure, white balance, timing or if need be ISO. However naturally in evening or night light it becomes difficult to hold still for several seconds. 


Nonetheless, here is the least blurry picture from the whole evening. What do you think? 

F:5  |T:4" | ISO:100 

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    Madalena (Sunday, 22 December 2013 02:55)

    This is a great one! I know what you mean about the tripod and low light. One thing I've done is use someone's shoulder as a faux tripod. It worked so I could get a good motion shot when I needed to use a super slow shutter speed. Not ideal, but it might work. Cool bokeh in this one!

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    moe-digger (Monday, 23 December 2013 22:26)

    Thank you Madalena! I also really like the bokeh - adds to the holiday theme. Good to hear your opinion. I wasn't quite sure about this one. And very good tip with someone's shoulder. If I am out and about without a tripod and in need of one again I will try this.